Washing and deburring machines, automation and robotized special system for automotive spare parts
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Icom develops, engineers and builds systems for washing, deburring and handling of mechanical parts.


We are able to build any type of required automation or part handling equipment, custom tailored to the application and the specific customer requirements.


The movement of the pieces and the perfect management of the movements is performed by robot mechanical arms adapted for use in moist environments and extr continuously in contact with the water.

Tunnel washing machine types

Tunnel washing machine types

  • Walking beam
  • Harpoon conveyor
  • Chain conveyor
  • With other kinds of conveyor:
    – with spray washing
    – with flushed washing
    – with target washing
    – with IF (injection flood) washing
    – with high pressure deburring

In line washing machine with general washing and/or target washing of the part.
Parts drying is provided after washing with blowing nozzles and/or using vacuum drying.
Part handling is designed according to dimension, weight and shape. Walking beam or conveyor transfer solutions are selected accordingly.

All washers can either be supplied with an independent filtration system or can be connected to the customer’s plant centralized system.
The washing equipment is complete with a mist extractor system which can either be connected to an exhaust stack or with a multistage mist separator with outlet directly into the plant ambient.

A High Pressure deburring function can be included in the washing equipment if required by specifications.
Deburring solutions are designed according to part shape and can be performed with rotating systems for surfaces, linear, fan nozzles or with specific lances for specific points or oil ducts. Deburring of specific points can be provided by a robot.

Drawer style washing modules

This Washer design is used when the part introduced and removed on the same location.
This kind of equipment can be placed either in line or off line.
Loading and unloading of the part are usually carried out either manually or automatically. Automated solutions such as robot, pick and place, gantry or conveyor with rotation table can be provided.

These modular washer offer, based on the requirements and the cycle time, maximum flexibility and can be proposed as:

  • Single module (the part gets treated/processed in one single station)
  • Multiple modules ( part processing is performed in multiple stations)

This kind of washer offers high flexibility, the complete cleaning process and the type of part handling proposed are depending on the specific requirements of the customer and can include general washing, injection flood washing and can be complete of deburring features if required.

Dial or Rotary table style washers

  • 2 stations
  • 4 stations
  • 6 stations

Washers with pallets

  • with vertical running pallets
  • with horizontally running pallets
  • with hooked on pallets

Carousel style washers

Robotized washing modules

This kind of washing equipment is either designed with robots to hold the part directly or part+pallet robot holding specific wash tools
The robotized washing modules are available as fully automatic or semi automatic mode modules, depending on customer’s requirements.
The robotized solution allows higher flexibility, processing more part types of the same family.

The robot, once taken the part from the loading station, handles the part through the process stations for washing, deburring and drying. Once the process is complete the robot drops the cleaned part in the unloading station.

For applications where the robot handles the tools a dedicated handling system will transfer the part through the different stations.

Special washing machines

These machines are specially designed to process different types of parts.
Depending on customer’s choice automatic part type change or with manual part type change can be implemented.
In both cases our machines will be provided with electromechanical part type recognition system.

Our special machine program includes:

  • Prototype washing equipment
  • Washing equipment for big size parts
  • Washing machines with monorail chain conveyor
  • Conveyor washing equipment for plastic packaging
  • Linear washing equipment for windscreens/glass parts

The cleaning process and washing machine configuration are engineered and proposed during the offer release.


Conveyors (internal/external)


They are made up of structures made of aluminum profiles assembled with standard kits or electrowelded steel structures.

They are made up of a driving head and a headboard.
Inside, dosers, stops, centrifuges, lifters and everything else necessary for perfect operation are assembled. In the case of horizontal pallet recirculation systems, the recirculation line is equipped with angular transferers.

In the case of vertical pallet recirculation systems, the recirculating line is formed by two overlapping conveyors connected to the end by means of lifts / discs.

Gantry loaders


Using standardized components we are able to offer a large range of gantry solutions.
These automation systems are used to load and unload CNC machines, and control units, and ICOM washers.
The mechanical structure is designed for minimum workshop floor space and to allow complete access to the working area.
Our gantries are built with standard steel beams or anodized aluminium profiles, on which the guides for the vertical and horizontal slides are assembled.

The slides are controlled through electric motors which can be asynchronous (with or without VFD), in direct continuous current or of brushless type, depending on the kind of task to be performed.
The grippers can be commercial standard type or custom tailored as per engineering specification.

The mechanical coupling system has reduced play.


Drum filters, hydrostatic gravity filters, floor level filter with paper media,

Vacuum filter with and without paper media


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