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From design and implementation to commissioning, ICOM offers a complete service to every customer and for all washing systems. Our decades of experience enable us to meet all washing system requirements.

Icom is committed to offering a complete service to its customers,  including the opportunity to test the effectiveness of the systems  through its own internal laboratory, equipped with a vast  range of cutting-edge instruments and equipment. This  laboratory represents a significant added value,  allowing customers to evaluate in depth the  performance and effectiveness of washing systems, guaranteeing  maximum confidence and satisfaction with the investment made.

Icom also stands out for its specialization in the regeneration of outdated systems and in making changes to systems to be reconverted for new use. Thanks to its  extensive experience and technical expertise, the company is able to  renovate and optimize existing systems, adapting them to the new  needs and evolutions of the industrial sector.

This remanufacturing and reconversion service allows customers to maximize the value of their existing plants, reducing investment costs and extending their useful life, with results that fully meet their production expectations and requirements.

Icom undertakes to offer its customers a fixed-term maintenance service for the systems installed, guaranteeing professional, reliable and timely support. A team of Icom technical experts is dedicated to carrying out periodic checks, preventive maintenance interventions and resolving any anomaly, in order to ensure continuous and uninterrupted production for customers.

Thanks to our extensive experience and solid partnerships with  companies specialized in the transport sector, we are able to  guarantee the safe and reliable shipment of systems all over the world  starting from Italy. Our global logistics network and acquired know-how enable us to successfully manage every stage of the shipping process, including customs procedures and the management of the necessary authorizations.

We offer a complete spare parts service, ensuring the availability and replacement of each component of the washing system. Our spare parts service is designed to offer customers peace of mind by minimizing downtime and ensuring efficient management of maintenance and repair needs.

The after-sales service represents our commitment to customers beyond the purchase. We offer complete support, technical consultancy  and quick responses to customer needs. Our priority is to ensure maximum satisfaction and the correct functioning of the systems in the long term. We are committed to building long-lasting relationships based on trust and going beyond customer expectations in terms of service and support.